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Service Description: Place names for early music print locations (local names): Austrian Science Foundation (FWF) project 'Early music printing in German-speaking lands: studies in technical and repertoire development' (P28353-G26). The project comprises the collection, exploratory evaluation and presentation of early printed music in German-speaking countries from the period 1470–1550. The aim of the projects was to examine in detail every edition containing printed music published in the German-speaking lands, from the introduction of this new medium in the 1470s until the middle of the the sixteenth century. This layer contains the place names for music print locations. This place name layer is generated based on the "place of printing" information of the early music print data actually stored within the vdm-database. This layer can be used as label layer for creating maps or making spatio-temporal visualizations or analyzations.

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Copyright Text: This material has been made freely available, in the hope of stimulating further research in this area. If you have any questions, suggestions or recommendations, please contact the former project leader Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl via email (

Spatial Reference: 4326  (4326)

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